Be yourself. No one else.

Global League is a digital music label providing electronic and unique artists with an outlet to be themselves, no one else. We aim to foster a community of talented artists, creatives & fans to share, expand and grow through collaboration, sharing and experiences in music, video and art.

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About Global League

Founded in 2016, Global League is an independent record label and artist development agency based out of Adelaide, Australia.

We provide unique artists & musicians with an outlet to share their music with the world, whislt staying true to themselves and the direction they wish t0 take their careers.

Global League signs individual recordings on their own merit, so you’re free to release your other music wherever you like. We look forward to welcoming you to our community soon.

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Got a track you think would suit Global League? Send your private SoundCloud links to:

Please only submit original tracks. No remixes or mashups, thank you.


For all other enquiries, please send them to: