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Hey girl, so I had a listen to “Gone for Good” – Love!
How was that experience for you? As in, was it a co write or did Nick come to you with the track and ask you to put your vocals on it?

It’s kind of a funny story but nick found me on Instagram and he sent me a message saying he’d like to collaborate and was in LA at the time but if I had anything rough to send it through. So I sent him a voice memo of me with the idea with raw guitar and voice and he used that vocal and guitar to build a track around. I was absolutely amazed when he sent back a roughly produced track of the song. The hook came easily when I listened to the version he sent through and I finished writing the song over it. So it started very raw with my memo vocal and lyric/hook but he turned it into a hell of a song.

Had you heard of Nick before working with him?
I had a listen to your past releases; Toxic (more acoustic, guitar, bass, drums) and Warm With You (more electronic, piano, production, drums, guitar, sax?). Both great sounds.
I noticed you taught yourself piano, drums and vocals!! Admirable and envious of that! Well done. Did you do the production on these tracks as well?

I actually hadn’t heard of nick before working with him but I wish I had. I didn’t do the production. For years, I worked with my very talented friend who would produce for me and he did an amazing job of it especially with warm with you. Now, however I am working with Nick I’m finishing my EP. He has done such a great job in helping me find my sound. Now I’ve got it, I’m so excited for what’s to come and getting my music out there. It’s the perfect mix of indie/electronic with the warm mellow sound of my guitar/ piano at front too. I pride myself on my lyrics. I did teach myself guitar and piano, it helped in my vocal journey so much and as soon as I realised I could write everything kind of fell into place. I got a music scholarship from year 9-12 and this was the best thing in pushing forward my confidence and helping me realise I wanted it as a career and it wasn’t just a passion.

Did working with Nick teach you production, vocal, recording skills that you’ll apply to future tracks?

It most definitely did. It’s also helped me realise just exactly the basic instruments/ sounds I want in my own production for it to be my sound. I’ve learned so much!

Do you feel “Gone for Good” is an evolvement from your previous releases and sound and you’ll continue down the electronic road or is it more of a side project?

I kind of answered it before, but it’s very different from my original sound but I’m always up for collaborating and stretching my comfort zone/boundaries. It’s crazy how much I’ve learned in the process. I may do more electronic projects in future. Will have to wait and find out.

There’s definitely an indie/electronic vibe on the tracks you’ve released, I had a stalk and noticed Alex Vargas is an influence of yours – I’m obsessed with that guy! His collaborations with Above and Beyond are just unreal! Is that what you’re wanting to do in the future, more collaborations with others of electronic genres?

YES! Those are my roots. I love indie/alternative electronic music. It’s honestly my favourite genre and I can’t imagine it any other way. I would love to do that in future. Working with Alex Vargas or JOY or  TRACES. People with my same sound and without even. I would love to sing some trance vocals or be on an above and beyond track. You’ll hear in my EP that my sound is very consistent throughout and that’s what you can expect from now. Very exciting things ahead.

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