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Hi Mitchell! I’m having a listen to your most recent release with Global League “All I Want” what an interesting track, such a mix! You start it with some dreamy like sounds and then move into some robotic trap, ending with some light, soft bird noises – such a juxtaposition! Can you explain your sound and what you’re wanting to achieve with your music?

I guess my sound would be having two styles that have polar opposites, for example the soft pads and arps I use in my tracks to the hard thumping synths. I like to think that it relates to my life on a personal scale as in the good and bad things in life. The soft sounds being the good and the hard/aggressive sounds being the bad.

How did your musical journey begin and who have been your major influences? Would you say you’re a singer/songwriter/producer?

The very start of my musical journey began when I was a young teenager listening to the radio and I heard Sidney Samson – Riverside. I had never heard any electronic music before and thought it was so cool.

From there I started to look into how electronic music was made. Although Sidney isn’t a major influence on my music now, he was definitely apart of the spark. My major influences now are What So Not, Eliminate and Boombox Cartel.

I am extremely jealous of their ability to create original sounds that no one has heard before. I would say I am a songwriter and a producer.

I really like “Spinning Guns” and Savoi’s voice is so soothing! Those bird sounds are your signature aren’t they? How did this collaboration come about?  

I always like to include nature in my tracks as I am surrounded by it and it plays a big part in my life. The collaboration started by me sending the instrumental version to my friend Joel in Sydney who at the time knew a few singers and from there gave me Savoi’s contact information. He liked it and was keen to feature on it!

You’ve released a few tracks with Global League; How did the partnership come about? And will you be working with them in the future?

I met M4SONIC (Nick) at EMC in Sydney back in 2013 and formed a friendship with him. Last year I started to really grind down on my music and as an artist, you like to send your music off to people who can provide constructive feedback and Nick was one of those people. He took a liking to it and said he was starting a record label and wanted Spinning Guns to be released on the label and from there I’ve been releasing all my tracks with Global League since.

Having a listen to “Aurora” and you definitely have the dream like sounds nailed. Is this going to be your “sound” moving forward?

That sound will definitely be reappearing in my future tracks but I don’t want to be an artist that only has one sound. So I’ll be experimenting with all types of sounds and if I like what I make I’ll release it, despite it not being the same style of sound each time I release a track.

Can you fill us in on what 2019 and beyond has in store for you?

I will be releasing a bunch of tracks this year and hopefully start playing in clubs and festivals by the end of 2019. I don’t want to give out too much information just yet as the year has only just started but expect loads more new tunes!

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