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Global League is a record label, publishing and artist services company for up & coming electronic artists with a drive to succeed and grow their careers.

Our Services


Record Label

We’ll plan and manage the release of your new music and introduce you to our community of exceptional artists to remix, collaborate and work with on your up-coming releases.

Publishing Administration

We make sure you collect royalties from all over the globe, no matter where your songs are played to maximise the income you receive from each song you release with us.


Artist & Label Services

Our team of creatives can bring your releases to life with video, image and press release assets to maximise the exposure and pick-up of your releases, whether you sign then with us or not.

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A League Above.

Global League is an independent music company consisting of record label, publishing and artist services divisions.

We help unique electronic artists share their music with the world and grow their careers through support, guidance and strategy.

Our label and publishing admin divisions ensure we maximise income from royalty collection both locally and internationally, as well as working with our global partners to source sync & licensing deals for our artists.

News & Interviews

V O E – Interview

V O E – Interview

So you guys met last year? At Fresh? And what were you both doing there? Caroline - So I do Fresh Air on Monday nights from 8:00pm - 10:00pm and that’s all Adelaide local music, like electronic style and that’s how I met Tom. Tom - I was going in for an interview...

Antigen – Interview

Antigen – Interview

Hi Daniel, I’m just having a listen to “Slip”, great summer track!! So did you produce this track and also write the lyrics or was it more of a collaborative track with the vocalist? Also, who’s the vocalist on this track? Marni? She suits it perfectly! Yeah thanks...

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