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Pagu Showcases Rich Indie-Pop Style and Sound with “Tell Me”

20-year-old Panhandle-based solo artist Pagu continues his monthly single release streak with “Tell Me.” The rich, well-produced single – inspired with a minor-chord synth platform and generating a smooth, infectious topline with plenty of proper hooks built in – the single flows to a graceful finish as pleasantly as it started.

“Tell Me” was written, sung, produced, mastered, all by Pagu himself independently – the single representing more than a song, but a deeper personal endeavour for the young artist.

With his single releasing on an established and recognized globally-focused music label, the Fort Walton-based artist shows no sign of slowing down with splashes of activities like local shows, new music releases, and social content continuing to come out from him.

Pagu’s – real name Jonah Tatum – music style focuses on a blend of indie-pop music, his skill in piano, drums, digital audio workshops, combined with his live performance and technical skill set of being able to handle electric guitar, program a light show, DJ, or even manage the sound booth – Pagu’s done it, does it, and combines all skills under the sun to zero in on what Pagu is and will be.

Pagu - Tell Me

“’Tell Me’ is about finding purpose and meaning in life. My friends and I are personally sick and tired of being forced to be distracted and stuck in ‘going through the motions’ mode. The song was made in this mindset and sort of rebels against those ideas.”

Pagu (Jonah Tatum)

Press Release by: Panhandle Music

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