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Hi Paul! I’m just having a listen to some of your work, there’s a lot of content – I’m assuming you live and breathe music! Can you tell me when it all started for you and who you’re biggest influences are and have been?

Yes I certainly do you have to live & breathe it if you want to stay ahead !

I started djing in 2008 & have been doing the rounds in Adelaide for just over ten years. I would have to say my biggest influences would be artists like Axwell, Eric Prydz & Deadmau5. They are all in a league of their own & that’s the kind of league I would love to be part of.

Can you tell me about your musical journey and what has shaped you into becoming one of South Australia’s favourite dj’s?

For sure I started playing at house parties then finally got my first club gig in the city. From there I entered into DJ comps & had started to pick up residencies all over the city. It took a couple of years playing through great venues such as Marble Bar, Red Square, Apple Bar & then finally made my break to HQ Complex. I have since been a resident there for the past seven years. I have been Voted in the top 50 Australian DJs four times finishing as high as 16th in 2011.

Along the way I have been lucky enough to rock it with the best from Hardwell, Calvin Harris, Laidback Luke, Marshmello, Tommy Trash & of course Aussie legends Timmy Trumpet & Will Sparks.

You’ve played at some large festivals; Summadayze, Stereosonic and Future Music, to name a few. How have these experiences been for you? Are there any festivals you’re aiming to play at in the future?

Yes I have been lucky enough to be a part of these major festivals that have come to Adelaide over the years and they have all been nothing short of amazing.

Playing at a festival is a bit different to the club & gives you a lot more opportunity to experiment with the music you really love & showcase your sound even further. Two highlights for me would have to be playing on the mainstage at Summerdayze & Stereosonic 2011.

I got goosebumps watching a promo of you I found on YouTube. How much fun are you having behind the decks?

Always!!! Being behind the decks is my little happy place & playing to a room that is full of energy there is nothing quite like it.

2018 saw you release some great tracks! “Fearless” is a banger! So good!! And Amy’s vocals were just made for that track! You worked with Steve Hart on this? How was that whole experience?

It was a great experience, Steve & I are good friends & were playing gigs together every week. We both have a thing for great melodies & Fearless was a track that I brought to Steve. As soon as he heard it we got working on it together & were able to take to a new level. I’m very grateful we had the opportunity to work with Amy as she absolutely nailed the vocal & I think it’s a record we all should be proud of.

Soon you’ll be releasing “Overdrive” through Global League, I can imagine driving down the coast on a sunny day, with the wind in my hair and this song playing through the speakers. Can you tell me how both the song and the collaboration with Global League came about?

Yeah for sure the song was something I had been working on throughout last year & once the instrumental was finished I knew it needed a feel good vocal to ride with the catchy melody. I had placed the song up online & was very fortunate that vocalist OMZ from the US contacted me & loved the track.

We both started talking about the direction we wanted to go & just over three weeks later he had a full vocal done!!

I showed the track to Nick from Global league one night in HQ band room & he was vibing it so I sent it over once it was complete & was given the opportunity to sign Overdrive with Global League.

And lastly, how is 2019 and beyond looking for you?

I had five tracks released in 2018 so the goal is to double that in 2019. Overdrive comes out in the next couple of weeks & I also have another collaboration with Adelaide legend 3Sidez coming out on Digital Empire late February.

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Legendary! Expect to hear from us soon!