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Hi again Tom!! I had a listen to your current release with Global League, “Patience” such a vibe! Your vocals are sounding great too! We had a chat earlier in regards to your collaboration with Caroline Tucker – V O E. So are you continuing to work on both your solo work and V O E at the same time?

Thanks! Yeah I’m currently working on both Tevlo and V O E. I’ve never been able to stick to one genre so having two different projects with different styles helps a lot creatively.

So I’m assuming you have music coming out of you left, right and centre?

Yes all the time! I’m always struggling to finish tracks because I’ve got so many ideas for new ones. I’ve got enough unreleased tracks for Tevlo and V O E that I could make an Album for both!

We spoke about your musical journey in our V O E interview, you mentioned you’d been a bedroom producer for almost 12 years. It’s been great to see a constant amount of releases from you! So you’re a singer and a producer, are you also playing instruments on your tracks?

Well it’s all sampled instruments and synths but yes I do play a lot of it. I’ve played piano for as long as I’ve produced which has always helped a lot when writing songs. I like to start a lot of my ideas on my keyboard and a lot of the time I end up using what I play in the tracks. Personally I’ve always found this the best way over drawing in the notes as midi.

Can you tell us who your main influences have been during this time?

For my songwriting my biggest influences would be artists like EDEN, Jack Garret and Fytch. Not that you can hear their styles directly in my songs but they’re definitely artists I listen to a lot when I feel like singing. For production I would say my influences are artists like Just A Gent, DROELOE, ILLENIUM and then a bunch of different Drum and Bass artists!

Do you have a specific direction you are wanting to go with with your solo work? Or are you just creating whatever comes?

I’ve always struggled to find a specific direction with Tevlo mainly because I want to make too many different styles so it definitely ends up being just whatever comes.

What’s your aim for 2019 and beyond?

For 2019 I want to release a lot more music, I’ve been sitting on so many good tracks that I think it’s almost time to just release an album or at least an EP to get them out there. With the aim to release more tracks I’m eager to get on stage and show them off with more live vocals, key-tar solos and hitting things!

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Legendary! Expect to hear from us soon!